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A community powered grid!

Mobius Grid is a community-powered grid!
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Hypergrid Address
Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 50
Visitors (30 Days): 57
Total Residents: 2042
Online Now: 0
Hypergriders online: 0

Latest News

  • Automatic restarts (News) November 26, 2018 -Mon- 06:09 PM

    Starting tomorrow Mobius Grid will have automatic region restarts every Tuesday at 3am to 4am PST.

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  • [Sale] Happy Holidays (News) December 18, 2018 -Tue- 03:51 PM

    Residents of Mobius, We hope that you are enjoying the holidays! Enjoy 50% off during our Holiday Region Sale starting December 20th 2018 through...

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  • [Complete] Unscheduled downtime (News) October 27, 2018 -Sat- 06:52 PM

    Mobius is back online. We are finishing up a grid migration to fully self-hosted servers, for the time being registrations are disabled.  Users will...

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Hypergrid Shopping Friendly

GloeBit is the grid's currency.
Making shopping for hypergridders convenient and secure.

Thanks to them you can fill your avatars inventory with items not only from stores in Mobius Grid, but from stores from other grids too.

Custom Made

Mobius Grid is powered by GamerSim, our custom developed version the OpenSim software.

This allows us to add more functions to help make your experience infinitely better as well as makes your inventory much faster, no matter where in the world you are!

Community First

With a focus on community, major decisions that come up are talked through our users with their thoughts in the decisions in mind!

The staff regularly hangs out and haves fun with our users. We feel to know what the community wants best is to be a part of it daily!